Although a bowl game is likely a long shot now, thanks to the Texa$ refs, I couldn't be more optimistic about the future of this team.

Watching that game on Thursday night, I could not believe how many young guys I was seeing out there. We all knew we had a young team when this season began, but we've even gotten younger out there on the field since the season has begun. I don't think many of us ever thought we'd see a whole lot from guys like Tribune, Omoile, Burton, Dagel, Knott, Loth, Lalk, Mitchell Myers, PJ Harris, Lynn, etc, etc.

Every position, with the exception of Safety and possibly LB will be much better next year IMO.

Here we go....

LB- Losing George is going to hurt at LB, but I think Seeley and Darius White will be good ones eventually and Meeks will be solid as well. And guys like Justin Webster and Justin Madison are very promising as well.

Safety- we lose both starters in Broomfield and Washington. That's scary. Their backups right now would be Cotton and Shaeffer, both pretty unproven guys. So I think Rogers could end up here next year for sure. I always thought Rogers was a bit too big for corner anyway. But we could use some help here at Safety. Maybe Mutcherson will start here next year as well, but he's not listed in the two deeps right now. Is he injured?

CB- Sam E. Richardson, Nigel Tribune, and Kenneth Lynn are the future here. Rogers goes to safety IMO. Don't know who would be next on the list here? Maybe Matthew Thomas or Kamari Syrie? Cotton-Moya?

DL- only losses are Willie Scott and Walter Woods. At the ends we have Morrissey, Kron, Myers, and Lemke back. Inside we are loaded with Irving, Coe, Jensen, Krick, Cousin, Aka, Vernell Trent, and Garcia.

QB- Of course a ton will hinge on this position, as it does for every team. Richardson is the guy right now, but for us to be REALLY good he will have to improve his game as well IMO. We know he can run, and we know he can be an accurate thrower when he has time too. But IMO, he still plays way too tentatively. He still looks scared and nervous out there at times. He doesn't appear to trust his arm enough. He needs to take more shots down the field and trust his arm. But I think this will come with more and more experience. He needs to play more confidently. Behind him I think we have a good one in Rohach, and Lanning and Hodge are kind of question marks right now.

RB- Yeah, we do lose James White, Shontrelle Johnson, and Jeff Woody at RB, but I just don't see a drop off at all here with Wimberly coming back, Nealy backing him up, and Standard is going to be the next Jeff Woody IMO, but maybe even a better version of Jeff Woody. And we've got Tyler Brown waiting in the wings too. Some people were pretty excited about what they saw out of him in practice this summer. And don't forget Mr. Mister too!

WR- We will be completely stacked at WR. Bundrage, Jarvis West, Ecby, Daley, Quan West, PJ Harris, and then add in Allen Lazard, D'Vario Montgomery, Jauan Wesley, and Orion Salters too. Amazing amount of talent here. It will be on Mess and Richardson to find ways to use them.

TE- we lose Brun, but we've been playing without him already this season. Bibbs is a stud. Boesen is solid too. I think Alex Leslie will be a receiving threat as well down the road for us. He has great hands. And we're bringing in Shaffner as a freshman next year.

OL- is very young right now, but all this game experience is just HUGE for them. They are improving every game. Tuftee and Lichtenberg are the only seniors in the entire group. Lichtenberg has already been beaten out by sophomore Brock Dagel this season. Tuftee hasn't played a whole lot either due to injuries. We've got a LOT of really young guys playing right now, and they are holding their own against the likes of Texas already. Omoile, Burton, and Dagel are all playing a ton. That really bodes well for us. Add to that guys like Campos, Curtis, Duaron Williams, Nick Severs, Jacob Dunning, etc and you have to be extremely excited for this group as well.

Anyway, the future is very bright. Looking at the rest of this season, I will actually be looking forward to watching these young guys improve every week regardless of wins and losses. As long as we are continually improving, then I see nothing but great things ahead for us.

If there are games this season where we get way ahead or way behind, I'd really like to see even more young guys get some valuable game experience for us. I'd like to see Rohach see some action. I'd like to see Seeley and Darius White see some action. I'd like to see Devlyn Cousin see more snaps at times. Duaron Williams too. All of this is only going to help down the road.

So, wins and losses aside the rest of this season, I'm going to be excited to see what improvements this young team will make throughout the year.