posted this article today... Why We Love Coach Rhoads | Cyclone Sidebar

Also, I was just checking through our season stats, and some things stuck out to me.

-We have outscored our opponents 109-107. Pretty good for a 1-3 (or 2-2, really!) team.
-We have 54 yards of offense more than our opponents!
-We only have 7 sacks, but have allowed 16. Those are huge issues for this team.
-Sam Richardson is on pace to throw for 3,057 yards and 27 TDs.
-Bundrage is on pace to get 972 rec. yards and 12 TDs.
-Cole Netten is a perfect 11-11 of XPs, and 6-8 on FGs with his only two misses being from beyond 45 yds.
-Jeremiah George is now averaging exactly 10 tackles per game, and J. Washington at 9.5. They are both on pace to top the 100 mark. Luke Knott is at 7.3 tackles per game and had a forced fumble. Brackens, Sam E. Richardson and Broomy are all averaging over 6 tackles per game.