The oddsmakers keep the USC-NE spread at 19 points. The ESPN staffers keep it at that. The local Red supporters will consider a loss of no worse than 14 points as improvement for their program. SC is trying to climb to the top of the polls. 20k to 30k Big Red supporters will be at the game for thwe 6th sellout at USC of 92K. Lots of NE fan support, Marlon Lucky going home, Zac is hot, Herrion is back, Husker have NO EXCUSES not to beat the 19 point line. Time will tell. If Red Lincoln and Red Norman (against Oregon) lose it will be definitely considered a down year ion thjue B 12. Also Tech plays our friend at TCU. Could be a telling day for the Big 12. Somerthing to watch and observe nine Big 12 teams around the **** tube.