I apologize for the need for this post but it's unfortunately necessary...

There have been a couple posters that have started posting time and time again about what they don't like about the moderators and have blatantly tried skirting the rules. This will no longer be allowed. I have put a lot of trust and faith in the moderators on this site and they have dedicated hours a day out of their lives to help make this a fun and entertaining place for Cyclone fans - without pay I might add. Most people understand that they're only doing what is asked of them by the majority of the site but some people can't handle being told where to post something, that's too bad.

This site has grown into one of the biggest independent fan sites and is the biggest Cyclone site. If you can't handle the fact that we have to have some sort of order when it comes to where things are posted, then please don't post. We love all types of opinions and we hate moderating anything just as much as you hate being moderated BUT there are rules for a reason. When people post curse words with alternate characters just to get past the filters, that's going to be moderated. When you post ten threads about the same exact topics that are already being actively discussed, those are going to be merged some times. When you post belittling comments and snide remarks, we're going to PM you and ask what the problem is.

I love every member of this site and appreciate the support and dedication you've all shown but there are some people that need to grow up. This site is about having fun, it's about Cyclone fans and it's as open as any board I've ever seen. BUT it's not going to be pulled down a path of crude remarks about other members, belittling comments towards the mods and it's not going to be pulled apart by people that think they own the place.

I thank you again for your support but if you can't learn to follow a few simple rules, please don't post. We're by and for the fans more than any forum out there and we allow far more than any place else BUT we still have limits and order.


Jeremy Lind