Despite being a Viking's fan, I am not writing this as a fan bitter about the loss. The Lions outplayed them and were actually hosed out of touchdown (Calvin Johnson was jobbed)

However, I'm just tired of seeing Ndamukong Suh rack up injury after injury with illegal hits. A man with his athletic ability does not need to result in such repeated cheap shots. Yesterday's shot on Sullivan was just another on the list of really violent cheap shots. I'd love to see him get suspended for his play.

I'm not a big die-hard pro sports guy, so I guess I find it easier for me to say this, but I wouldn't want him on my team because I would have a hard time cheering for him. I remember when Albert Haynesworth became a free agent and some fellow Viking's fans were talking him up. All I could think was, "There is no way in hell that I can ever root for a guy like that." That cleating incident made me root for him to fail, and that is not in my character.

Suh is starting to drift towards that level with me. I'm interested to hear a Lion's fan's point of view on him. I know he does a ton of charity work, so don't pepper me with that argument please. I just want to know if you get tired of having to defend his actions to the point of you not wanting him on your team, or if the results on the field allow him a pass.