After seeing all the users with very low postcounts in the Kagavi giveaway thread, it got me thinking about the type of users who frequent CF. Being a marketing guy, do you have any statistics you could provide on what the userbase of CF is like? Such as what percentage of active users post frequently, or how much traffic comes to the site of those signed in vs. not.

Although I joined in 2006, I would have considered myself a mega lurker until the last couple years. I would frequent the site daily, although would only come to read information and never really comment. I find that I am the same way now when it comes to on topic Cyclone related threads, although have started posting more in the off topic type threads as it's entertainment to get through the day :)

Any stats you could provide that shows what people frequent would be interesting as well (news articles vs. messages boards (broken down by individual forum, bball, football, off topic, etc).

Do you have any numbers on the average time users spend on the site per week as well? Great site you guys have developed here, just wanting to know if everyone else spends as much time as I do while working.