Was anyone able to attend the Meet the Coaches event last night? I would guess there were 1000+ people there.

A couple of the funnier, more interesting quotes:

Hoiberg talking about Doc Sadler "Doc has had his foot up Percy Gibson's butt this summer. That's good to see."
Hoiberg talking about the Ohio State game "We got screwed."
Hoiberg brought up a quote from Georges "We don't take many bad shots, but when we do, Tyrus usually makes them."

Rhoads ended the night talking about his football team. He starts out talking about his first team meeting in 2009. He said he got up in front of the team and told them the goal for that year was to make a bowl game. Some kids snickered, some just looked at him in disbelief.
Then he says in 2010 during the Tailgate Tour, he told the fans to get their season tickets now, because some day they wouldn't be able to. That really got the crowd going.

This was the first time I had heard Rhoads speak in person. Wow I was blown away. You can hear the passion come through. I can definitely understand how he gets the guys ready for big games.