With recent news of the MLS planning on expanding to four more teams, it got me thinking if Des Moines would have any shot at landing one of them. You can read more about the MLS expansion here: MLS will add four expansion teams by 2020 - Soccer - SI.com

Clearly, especially if you read the article, there is a very, very low chance that this would happen right now. However, it got me thinking about whether or not the state of Iowa would EVER be able to support a major professional sports team in the future? We certainly have a lot of support for our university's athletic programs for a state of our size, and have had some decent success with supporting lower level pro teams as well.

Personally, I don't think it would ever happen unless we see Des Moines grow tremendously within the next several years. I think we would be able to get good fan support (depending on the sport), but the television market isn't large enough. If there's anything I've learned from the whole conference expansion fiasco, it's that TV market$ matter.

Curious to see what the rest of you fanatics think about the subject though.