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    Re: Married Fanatics: Joint money or separate money?

    Quote Originally Posted by 3TrueFans View Post
    Deadly sins? I'm too lazy for that stuff.

    Sloth is always there for you, man. You don't even have to get off the La-Z-Boy. Me and sloth? We tiiiight.

    Quote Originally Posted by cowgirl836
    moar yoga pants, please.

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    Re: Married Fanatics: Joint money or separate money?

    Quote Originally Posted by IcSyU View Post
    As a tax accountant who sees both sides of this a LOT, too many people have no idea of how to budget and even if they have an idea of how to budget they don't have the will power to follow said budget.
    We don't budget and I know I should but I've never had the drive to do it. Both our paychecks come into our savings and from their all our bills are auto-paid. We don't have anymore student or auto loans. After that our savings and investment accounts are auto-paid. We try and save 18% of our after tax income (our retirements are both mandated pensions that we don't include in these calculations).

    We love to eat out and take small trips and buy clothes. Since our bills and savings are automatic I assume we don't need to worry about where our other money goes because everything important is covered. She knows not to spend a lot without asking me and I know to do the same. I trust her and she trusts me; in fact she probably doesn't even know how much I make (40% more than her). I'm not against people who don't combine and I don't think we are better because of it - I just think trust is a huge part of the issue and you should be able to trust your spouse.

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    mtown is among the worst to ever play this game.
    Quote Originally Posted by hawkeye nation
    If [Iowa] were a good shooting team we could make a run at the final 4.

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