The in-laws thread reminded me...I have been surprised recently at the number of my co-workers who are married that keep their money separate. Not that I was surprised it existed at all, but of my close peers: with a generous definition, I'll put that population at 7...3 I know are separate, the other 4 I don't know, but would guess at least one more for sure separate (he's multiple divorced), one more possibly separate, one pick 'em, and one possibly joint. I'm the only one I know of who has shared money.

One of them has told me about the arguments he's had with his wife over who pays for what (although, I'm becoming more convinced that arguing is their foreplay), and I can't fathom going thru an argument over whose money pays for what...

but on the other hand, I also know of a guy who lied to his wife about how big his raise was and skimmed money off into a secret bank account via direct deposit for the stuff he wanted to buy but his wife wouldn't approve of. He played cards with buddies, and claimed he bought the stuff with his winnings which he overstated weekly.

I think both of those are ridiculous, but what's everyone else's positions on it?