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    Educators, a question about Collaborative Learning/Andragogy

    I'm currently being sent to school to improve my skills as an Army Educator. Today, they introduced some terms, which pretty much describe what we've been doing in our classes.

    Those terms are Collaborative Learning and Andragogy.

    Is this something that is being taught at the undergrad level at ISU School of Education? Do you know of any schools that are NOT graduate schools that "do" these methods, and if so, what is your opinion of this method?

    My current (Army Reserve) job is to teach upper-middle grade officers how to be upper grade officers. This requires a "freer" method of exchange, as they are very nearly our peers, grade and position-wise. So far, it's a blast, and seems a decent way to educate.

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    Re: Educators, a question about Collaborative Learning/Andragogy

    I have a master's degree (not from ISU) in adult education. During my undergradute work at ISU these concepts were touched on, but not explored fully until I was in grad school.

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