I'll first disclose that I've hated the Yankees all of my life.

I haven't enjoyed having my social media feeds blown up about how great and classy Mariano Rivera is all night. Here are a couple of things you may not know about him:

1. He doesn't care for the song "Enter Sandman" it was just selected by Yankee's staff in an attempt to copy other teams that had cool entrance music for their closers.

2. If he was SOOO classy, he would have changed his number in 1997 and retired Jackie's 42 with the rest of the league.
I KNOW he didn't HAVE to do it based on the rules, and he wasn't the only player that kept 42. But isn't changing your number the right thing to do in that situation? It just doesn't scream class to me.

He's a great closer, that's about it. Enter Sandman is Virgina Tech's entrance song, not his.

End of rant.