Max Scherzer, Mark McGwire share bond through tragedy

Scherzer shared the story in his letter to McGwire.

He also asked McGwire for an autographed bat. It would mean everything to him, symbolizing that magical summer when two brothers came together, often laughing and reminiscing over the historical moment they missed.
"It was the bonding Max had with his brother, watching games together that summer," McGwire says. "It brings back unbelievable feelings for me, and unbelievable feelings for Max and his brother. I didn't hesitate sending him a bat, and I think I'm pretty sure I sent a note. I was so honored."
The bat is in the Scherzer home in Chesterfield, but once remodeling is complete in Max and Erica's condo in Scottsdale, Ariz., it will be prominently featured.
"I follow Max's starts closely now," McGwire says. "I'm a huge fan. I've been watching his magnificent season from afar. Some days, he's pretty much unhittable. He's that good.