sparked by the CCL vs PTL thread...

The likely (my guess) lineups and rotations:

Kane vs Gesell - ISU
Thomas vs Marble - Iowa (experience... I like Thomas in the end)
Hogue vs Uthoff - Iowa (just a gut feeling - I think Uthoff will have a big year)
Ejim vs White - ISU (really, really close. I'm sure Iowa fans will freak seeing this)
Niang vs Woodbury - ISU (sort of an apples/ oranges comparison, but I'll take Niang's "do everything" game to AW's perceived defense).

Starting lineups - slight edge to ISU. Remember the game is early in the year, and a guy like Thomas may still be getting a feel for D1 competition. Marble has good length to guard him with, he can score in a variety of ways - If I'm Iowa I'm going AT Thomas with Marble, and testing his D. Kane should be able to best Gesell.... but thinking as I type, maybe I have Kane guard Marble when Iowa has the possession, and maybe Iowa will opt to keep that matchup on the other end. Uthoff at the SF will make Iowa a really tall team.

Rotation matchups:
Palo/ Morris vs Clemmons - ISU (close)
Bluford/ SDW/ Long vs Oglesby/ Jok - ISU all day long. I like Jok to be able to sink some 3s if he's left open, but until I see him get to the rim, and play defense at D1, I'll pick against him. Oglesby... he does one thing... so don't let him do it.
Edozie/ Gibson vs. Basabe/ Olaseni/ McCabe - Iowa (If Iowa bench bigs are awake, I like them here, agains until I see Gibson do anything besides "go left" and see Edozie at all. If it's a WWE match - I'd take Edozie - he looks huge).

Overall, I think Iowa has a touch more depth, especially if you consider their experience in the starting lineup - especially at the post positions, and ISU post talent drops off quick. If our posts get into foul trouble it will be scary.

the home court advantage goes to the good guys, of course.

ISU by 6.

Ok, tell me I'm nuts...