I've been a member of Cyclonefanatic for a long time and I know one thing this group is very very good at....Winning voting competitions. I am on the team at Proxymity and we have entered two contests that we need your help to move to the final stages. We formed in 2011 and have built to a team of 10 in a little over three years with zero marketing!

The first, we made the following video in 12 hours showing why a $100,000 office rework would help our company. Please watch and most importantly "Like" the Proxymity video! We are in 7th place and need to be in the top 5 by Wednesday, October 8th.


The second, is the Mission Main Street Grants Competition for small businesses. 20 small businesses will be awarded a $150,000 grant which Proxymity will use towards our first real marketing campaign. We need to simply reach 250 votes by Friday, October 17th. Our essay will then be considered by a panel to determine the winners. If we don't reach 250, our application is thrown away.


Both of these contests would have a huge impact on our small company, please help a fellow cyclone!