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    QUOTES: More from Otzelberger

    Everything I've got from an extensive interview with coach. Trust me, this was not an easy decision for him.

    Why Washington? Why now?

    “I’ve had a long relationship with Coach Romar. I’ve known him since the time that I was in California and he was somebody who always impressed me. Some of the guys that I had coached on the west coast had always said to me that a guy they always wanted to play for was Coach Romar. That always stuck with me was that he was somebody from a character standpoint and a coaching standpoint that he would be someone exciting to work for.”

    “My goal is to become a head coach at the division one level." “There are a lot of guys who have worked under him who went on to become head coaches. I feel like to be consistent with my goals, this is something that I feel like could help.”

    “Alison had her experience playing professionally for the Seattle Storm in the WNBA. She really loved Seattle as a city. She has friends here and with her family being in Australia, being able to travel more frequently with less expensive flights and it isn’t as long of a trip. All of those factors played into me making this decision.”

    On being at Iowa State for eight calendar years...

    “I have had other opportunities come up over the years but I always enjoyed Iowa State so much. The passion of the fans – I never took for granted that Hilton Coliseum is one of the best places to play in college basketball because the fans are not only great people but they really support the program.”

    “For me being raised in Wisconsin, there are a lot of similarities between the people there and the people at Iowa State. I took a lot of pride in being at Iowa State and the path that we had gone down and the things that we had accomplished. It made it a place that I thought I could see myself staying at a lot of years and it was a place that I really enjoyed.”

    On working beside Fred Hoiberg...

    “It was an honor and a privilege. To work with Fred everyday, someone with his character, his basketball expertise and the level that he has played at and the guys that he has learned from – it was an opportunity for me to come to work every day and learn and grow and develop not only as a coach but as a person. He is a great family man and a man of great character and work ethic. For me, I relished the opportunity to be around him and learn from him.”

    “Iowa State is in a much better place since when Fred took over and I feel like it is only going to get better going forward.”

    On what it feels like to leave Iowa State...

    “I have a great sense of pride because when you are at a place for eight calendar years and seven seasons you go through a lot of highs and lows. There are certainly great times and there are certainly challenging times. There are a lot of difficult losses and rewarding wins. I feel like the program, where it stands today, is in great shape moving forward. For me, you have professional goals but you also have a sense of pride in the work that you do every day. When you come in every day you want to be part of something special and make it grow. You see how passionate the fans are. You see how much people care. You see how much the administration is committed to winning and you want to do great things for those people. You want to accomplish those goals.”

    “I have a tremendous sense of pride not only for where the program has come from but where it can go in the future. Even though I won’t work at Iowa State every day from this point forward, I will always be a Cyclone. I will always be pulling for the Cyclones and I will always take pride in the future successes of the program and where it can go in the future.”

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    Re: QUOTES: More from Otzelberger

    Thanks Chris! Great coverage today!

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    Re: QUOTES: More from Otzelberger

    I'll always be a TJ fan and forever think of him as a Cyclone as well

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    Re: QUOTES: More from Otzelberger

    I'm sure it was a tough decision to make. Having another line on a resume is usually a good thing

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