Well, as I mentioned before... my friend has been giving me some info on kids he works with and has let me in on a few guys who have interest in ISU. of course there was Dwight Williams, who was already talked about. This thread will have info on other kids with ISU interest instead of me having a seperate thread for each kid that I hear about. Most recently there have been a couple youngens I have been hearing about worth mentioning.....

RB Andre Stoddard - Yahoo! Sports out of South Carolina. Rivals has not rated him yet, and only offer so far is from Furman, but I think he will get some attention soon. Last year, he set the South Carolina record for rushing yds in a season (2,775) while racking up 40 TDs on the ground. He is a power RB who could be a good replacement for Jeff Woody if we choose to add another power back. Andre runs a 4.5 40 and benches 340

DE Jashon Cornell - Yahoo! Sports from Minneapolis. Offers from Iowa, Minnesota and Rutgers. Good frame to build on. Needs to bulk up, but could be a good pass rusher at the collegiate level. Rivals lists him as an OLB, so he has some versatility, but he prefers to play DE in college. Not sure if he would switch back to LB if asked to.

Then there are some in-state O-Linemen to watch. I'm sure most of you are familiar with them already, but for those who are not...
Ross Reynolds - Yahoo! Sports from Waukee
Cole Turner - Yahoo! Sports from Cedar Rapids
Christian Ohrt - Yahoo! Sports from Cedar Rapids
Keegan Render - Yahoo! Sports from Indianola is the 2nd best OL in the state and there is a nice battle between us and Iowa for this kid. Lazard is on the case though, so I'm not worried!

Anyways, these are just a few guys to keep an eye on. Personally, I don't think we should be concerned with the OL recruiting as much this year, since we have 5 insoming freshmen (who might just make up the best OL class we have ever had), and I believe 4 kids who will be redshirt freshmen this year. I couldn't imagine we would sign more than 3 OL this year. 4 at the most. We need to concentrate on the linebacker position and I would really like to see a star tight end as well.