Got to do Cy's HOT last year and it was awesome. Trivia+beer+Hilton+Cyclones = Valhalla. But we only got a table because someone cancelled, and they would not let us have it again. Had to do the lottery and lost. Bummer.

So if anyone is still rounding out their team, or has a cancellation, I am posting this "personal ad" to try to weasel my way back in!

1. Pretty decent at trivia
2. Enjoy beer
3. Good sense of humor
4. Season ticket holder for FB and BB
5. Alumni and #1 son is current student

Happy to pay my share of course. I think I'm old enough to fit in with a more "experienced" group, and immature enough to fit in with a younger crowd too.

Anyone have an open seat? Thanks in advance for your consideration. PM me if you're looking for some help!