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    Recruiting - Poor Iowa, where do we go next???

    Well i guess Ellington was not sold on Iowa over Iowa State after all.....He's now decommitted from Iowa State, then Iowa and now he's a committ to the University of Illinois, makes sense, where he should have committed in the first place.

    In other shocking EIU news, Jason Ford the awesome 3-4* running back out of Illinois has decommitted from Iowa, with all the speculation about KF's future the recruiting is taking a hit. To put it in perspective, Illinois has 21 commits, iowa has 10....if KF stays, he better get on the phones, his recruiting has peaked and Iowa's recruiting channels are drying up.

    Recruiting whirlwind.....Kansas and look at the top prospects out there and almost every one of them listed either Kansas or Missouri or both. When your winning, it breeds a recruiting edge, the trick is keeping it going (EIU).

    What direction should ISU focus on in recruiting???
    Defensive Secondary - we need at least one starter, maybe two. I really think in retrospect, we need to be looking at JUCO help at both Corner and Safety. I think we should be targeting the talented duo out of El Dorado, KS....Maurice Gray 4* corner 5'10 180, runs 4.4 and his teammate 3* safety J.D. Douglas who's 6'-3", 200 pds and runs a 4.45....get these two into our system next year and it either creates competition that someone steps up or they start, either way its an improvement both in quality as well as depth.

    Linebackers - Losing Alvin and Jon will be tough shoes to fill...We have some talent coming in and some thats redshirted so i will be interested to see if this is viewed as an area of concern. Losing two seniors is one thing, getting Chiz's type guys in those spots will it make a difference in the overall effectiveness of the defense will be determined - this one's a question mark for me...Maybe we offer James Collins again, he committed to us before and now is a 3* juco LB....don't be surprised to see him end up at South Florida with Mac. But if we could get eith Anthony Lewis or Alex Pattee
    i think those would be great gets for our recruiting.

    D-Line - setting up very nicely here.....with our returning starters Parker and Taylor, our reserves Lyle, Weir, Johnson, Frere as well as our redshirts Black, Tate and Kellman as well as our recruits Marshall, McDonough, Robertson, Guillory we have depth, talent and speed for the foreseeable future. Only thing i would like to see is some more size for the middle, losing Braaksma and Rubin is a a big loss, i hope will have the talent and size to fill it so our LB's can roam and make plays and the guy out there that fills that position is Joe Marhsall or Otis Jones and a new name is James Brown...thats right James check this guy out....6'2" 289 pounds and runs 4.8 in the forty...are you kiddin me??? This guy would be awesome in the middle, an athlete that has power 355 bench, 525 squat....put him inside of Taylor and Parker with Black next to out, we will be getting pressure...

    O-line - overachievers....they surprised everyone, another year under shep and with the influx of talent, maybe our deepest position outside of the DL...Mark these words - Our line will be our strength next year or two years at the worst....With the entire line returning and then Big Trey and KO coming in and competing expecting to win playing time, our line will be stout and young next year too....with only Schmeling as a senior, who was in the doghouse late in the season anyway, KO might be in that starting spot come spring ball!!! With next year already having two redshirtable guys in Tuftee and Edwards, thats the cycle, if you don't have to play freshman lineman either side, don't not ready for the physicality of big 12 ball. Now if were able to go out and convince someone like Dan Hoch to play at ISU, that only improves the chances of our line being awesome. Throw in there a guy like Cedric Mack and our line will be awesome...

    QB - we all know its AA's to lose...i thought his arm strength was impressive and his accuracy was better then i imagined...that said, his reads need to improve and so do his progressions, this will only help in making quicker decisions and letting loose. Personally, i hope Bates changes over to the WR spot, that would be a big help to our team and to him in the long run. A long more upside at the position that he can again become an athlete. Then the battle lies between Tiller and Jordan for the backup spot. Tiller reminds me of Seneca only with the height that would have made Seneca a starter somewhere...Jordan appears to be prototype size pocket passer - a bit more like Sage. Interesting to see who excels in the system.

    RB - this should be a target area for our recruiting. Not for next year, but two years - considering a redshirt year next year. With Scales and Bass gone after next year, we will need someone to spell our diamond in the rough AROB....We will have Schwartz, but, his size will need to go down and speed up to play RB in the long haul. Otherwise, we need to be looking at who his successor will be at the RB spot.

    WR - Major recruiting target area...We have Sumral and Hamilton returning and figuring to be the starters. Franklin has not panned out yet, but, one offseason and the right work ethic, we all know he has the speed. Graham appears to be the complete package and i think he will come in and challenge for PT right away, maybe even at the one. IMO this is one of our weakest positions on this team for overall big 12 talent. The Kansas game showed what pure athletes at the skill positions can do for a short passing attack like ours, it makes it dynamic when they catch a 5 yard cross and take it 70 yds for a td, it sure makes drive a lot easier.....Does anyone know why we stopped recruiting Deryn Bowser? On JC recruiting trails he's listed as a 4* and his stats 6'3", 215 lbs and runs 4.4, this is what we need, size and speed. Aside from him, we need a few HS players like Moncrief or Law would be nice, one name out there is Lonzie Range who tore his ACL his senior season, schollie him and then let him sit out a year, he'd be all ready as a RS fresh...

    Other Obvious needs -hmmmmmmmmmm oh yeah.....kicker!!!!!

    If we don't schollie Mahoney soon i will hope that the staff is targeting someone else like the Johnston Kid Zach Guyer. I think Mahoney has better potential and is ready to receive a schollie and sign. Then theres Eduardo Carmona, who it was reported had received and accepted a schollie only to have legal troubles with his eligibility status - can you say lucca all over again....supposed to have a HUGE leg...touchbacks 85% of the time at jc ranks, so he must have a big leg...thats not kicking off of a tee like in high school, it makes a big difference....

    I see us filling about 14-15 more slots.... get some more talent at DT, and a lot of talent at both the secondary and wide receiving corp and our future will be awesome in 1-2 years. I'm looking at AA's junior and senior years which would be Chiz's 3-4 year as being our years to really make the jump talent wise to compete...I see how they're building the team and i love the fact that the staff is focused on the two lines, lose either of those battles and the game is over.

    Now's the time for our staff to really be making the jump in recruiting when we're not practicing and planning our bowl games like 60 other teams....take advantage of our bad season and get a few recruits now..........

    Go Clones..........2008 spring game is only 148 days away....or something like that!!!!

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    Re: Recruiting - Poor Iowa, where do we go next???

    Yeah I really hope that KO and Baysinger pan out and perhaps start next year. With Schmeling, Brandon Johnson, and Doug Dedrick all being seniors next year we will need some young guys to step up.

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    Re: Recruiting - Poor Iowa, where do we go next???

    I agree with alot of your assessment. One thing I would change is Phillip Bates moving to saftey rather than wide reciever. Nebraska and Oklahoma wanted him at that position and he would fill in nicely and possibly a star at that position.

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