This isn't getting as much love as it should. The play of the game in my opinion was Babb's block of Harris' three point attempt with 40 seconds left in the second half.

West Virginia was on fire at that point and ISU hadn't made a field goal in something like two and a half minutes. The score was 78-72 when Harris fired the shot that Babb got a piece of. Clyburn got the board, was fouled, and knocked down 2 free throws to essentially put the game away.

Had Babb not been there, who knows what happens with that shot? Recent history of ISU suggests that Harris (a 37% 3-point shooter) hits the shot and our lead is cut to 3 with 0:40 left in the game. From there, we can only imagine what would have happened. Instead, it was a 5 point swing and the 8 point cushion held for the rest of the game.

HUGE shoutout to Babb for coming through big at a time where it mattered the most.