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    Coaches Challange

    All I can hope is that we are "saving" something for this week (and we better be). This offense is probably the best I can remember, but with the old conservative play calling it's potential will never be realized. Early in the 3rd quater it was 1st and goal; we ran 2 run plays right up the middle (with Scales) then a poor passing attempt on 3rd to a double covered receiver. It seemed like we were OK with settling for a field goal! WTF? We have an explosive offense, but if the coaching staff does not ignite it we will end up 7-5 and back in Sheveport. If we can't pass to Blythe deep, try a WR screen, reverse or anything to get the ball in his hands. When was the last time we ran a trick play by the way? Throw in a double pass here a fake field goal there. Lets have some fun out there, we look way too methodical on offense. The fans, athletic director and even the alumni president have taken it to the next level: when will the coaching staff? I challenge the coaching staff to be creative, be aggressive and let these guys live up to their potential...1st and goal at the 7 and settle for 3 is not how to WIN football games! Lets go in to Iowa City and show them we aren't there to win by 3...7...14...BLOW THEM OUT, get ahead and stay ahead!

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    When? At this rate, in Shreveport. Actually our defense may match up well against Iowa. I think Albert Bell can be had by our fast linebackers. And Mason is no Drew Tate yet.

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    If the offense doesn't play better, we won't be in Shreveport, we'll be at home, watching other teams play bowl games.

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