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    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies earn another win on the road

    Not surprisingly this game would be typical Iowa State. There were 3 point shots, rebounds, and turnovers. The team would ease out to a 7-2 lead but then that turnover bug would allow the horns right back in the game. Through the first 8 minutes it was our Sisters staying in front, but the horns would hang right in there.

    Anna Prins reached a milestone at about the 14 minute mark. She picked up her 1000th point of her career by nailing a 3. Seems kind of appropriate in a way.

    Texas would make several crucial mistakes when they had opportunities. On one steal, their player missed an uncontested lay in. The next possession another steal was stolen right back by Pop who converted a 3 point play for a 15-8 lead. The 3’s would continue to fall for State as Kidd would hit another for an 18-13 lead. Halfway through the first stanza the ladies would be shooting almost 60 percent from the field. The downside was the horns were shooting at a 50 percent clip. I was hoping the defense would begin to step up a little more.

    Of course as soon as I get thinking about how well they were shooting the team would get into a little turnover/missed shot funk. Fortunately, it wouldn’t last long as a couple of baskets, including another 3 would stretch the lead to 8. But again the horns would push back after another turnover when Hal inbounded the ball to the Texas head coach! All of a sudden it was a 3 point game and a layup after a steal would make it a 1 point game. Turnovers were negating what should have been a chance to dominate the horns. Just as quickly our ladies in red would convert two straight possessions and the lead was 7 behind 6 three point shots.

    The heat would stay on as the defense would force some turnovers, jump balls and poor shots by Texas. The Sister offense would just keep grinding away as Anna Prins was having the half of her life. She hit another 3 and converted a pair of layups to help State extend its lead behind a 13-0 run to 38-24. This team was firing on all cylinders! Amazingly the team was being led on the boards by its guard court as Brynn and Kidd were cleaning up. The half would end with the Sisters leading 39-24.

    The second half would also start with the Anna Prins show. After an empty possession by both teams Moody would hit Anna for her 3rd three pointer of the night and an 18 point lead. Of course we can’t stand too much success and two straight turnovers by our post players would lead to consecutive baskets by the horns and it was back to 12. UT was really clicking on the offensive end and putting the pressure on our ladies.

    Hal was having a tough game. She was missing shots, free throws and struggled in general. She even had two straight shots blocked. UT was hanging around, but State seemed to keep finding the answer and holding them at bay. State would keep putting up threes, but they were cold. Stone cold. By the 12 minute mark and the media timeout the lead would be reduced to 10 at 47-37. It just seemed like there were numerous opportunities to stretch the lead but kept missing 3 point shots. In the mean time UT would keep creeping closer. At 6 ½ to go the lead was down to 9. At this point I was wondering what direction this game might go. Were we going to see a repeat of the collapse at KU or see the resilient team we know is in those red uniforms?

    This was the point where Pop came alive. Rebounding a missed shot by UT. Gains a board on the offensive end and converts for 2 then follows that with a block shot on the other end. Classic Pop. This seemed to fire the offense as Prins and Moody helped stretch the lead to 14 with 3 left. State would stretch it further with another 3 by Brynn. The ladies would show that they could close out a game in fine fashion. They were threatened and they answered in a resounding way as they won 67-48. Another great road win by the Sisters!

    Player of the game? I have to give it to Anna Prins. She broke the 1000 point mark for her career. She hit 3 point shots. But…

    This was a team win. Anna got them out of the blocks with a great first half. The second half was all about Brynn, Moody, and Pop. It was about the rebounds at key times. It was about limiting turnovers to 14. It was about other players stepping up while Hal struggled from the field. This was a team win.

    The friendly confines of Hilton welcome the ladies back for a home game against K-State on Saturday. Now 7-4, the ladies have a great chance to move into 2nd place as OU plays at OSU the same day. Let’s welcome them home with a big, loud crowd.

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies earn another win on the road

    Good summary as usual, Acoustimac. There were lots of good things tonight, but I think one of the best was how we responded during the last 7 mins. or so after Texas had come back and cut our lead. We did well on both offense and defense during those last few minutes, holding them to just 4 points after they had gotten to 44, and also then stepping up on offense until the subs came in. Very good effort.

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies earn another win on the road

    I am happy to get to see another ISU game when they play KState. Means I have to renew my Cyclone TV. Probably I will just buy for the whole year now because I have more time. Great game by the whole team.

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