As of right now how would you rank the Big 12 based on overall performance in the three most popular NCAA sports: Football and Men's and Women's basketball. Based on overall conference winning percentage the standings would be:

OU 75.46%
BU 68.98%
OSU 54.16%
ISU 51.94%
KSU 50.92%
KU 47.68%
TTU 43.14%
WVU 42.12%
UT 34.25%
TCU 14.81%

For those of you who don't think WBB should count this would be the overall conference win % for MBB and FB.

KSU 81.94
OU 75.69
OSU 59.02
BU 53.47
ISU 47.91
KU 43.75
WVU 40.97
UT 40.27
TTU 34.72
TCU 22.22

Not sure OU belongs that high in either one. TCU may not have been the greatest addition to the Big 12. Hope they can turn things around.