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    Favorite Cyclone Basketball Players

    I started following ISU basketball in the early 90s, and watching the game tonight made me think of all the players I've seen who never got to win in Stillwater...which got me thinking about my favorites are (not necessarily the best players, but ones that I have an affinity for). We've had some incredible student-athletes in just those 20 or so years, so it's not easy, but here are my favorite Cyclone basketball players of all-time:

    5. Michael Nurse/Stevie Johnson -- each put together two solid seasons and improved in their 2nd. They were vital players on the 2000 team (arguably the best ever), even if it was often Fizer and Tinsley in the spotlight. I just really enjoyed watching them play.

    4. Jake Sullivan -- Sullivan was one of the few bright spots during some really lean years for ISU basketball. Even with the Hampton meltdown, the whole Eustachy affair, a coaching change, and some pretty bad teams, he always played his tail off and played well. I always wished he'd get a chance at the NCAA tournament again to avenge the Hampton loss.

    3. Scott Christopherson -- Similar to Sullivan, he had to go through a lot of uncertainty, coming here to play for McDermott and then having him up and leave. He stayed, flourished under Coach Hoiberg's style, and had such a nice stroke. I loved everything about the way Scotty played, and when he kissed the court during Senior Day last year, he cemented his place as one of my all-time favorites.

    2. Fred Hoiberg -- Do I even need to say why? He's the one who got it all started for me; I idolized him when I was a kid...and it's looking like I'll get to keep doing that for a long, long time.

    1. Kelvin Cato -- I had more fun watching Tim Floyd's 96 and 97 teams than any others, and Kelvin Cato is why. Watching Cato block a shot was better than any slam dunk or reverse layup or deep three-pointer. For whatever reason, seeing Cato on the floor made me think that Iowa State basketball was really, really big-time. I was pretty tall for my age back then, and thinking I could be like Cato someday was what really got me interested in playing basketball, too.

    Anyway, I'd love to hear who some of your favorite Cyclones are, and why. I'd especially be interested in hearing from fans from different generations than me. Thanks, and Go Cyclones!

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    Re: Favorite Cyclone Basketball Players

    Also, I am pretty sure that Melvin Ejim will be making this list when his career at Iowa State is at it's end. Hopefully Niang, too

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    Re: Favorite Cyclone Basketball Players

    Rahshon Clark simply because of his dunking abilities haha. Love watching highlights of him dunking.

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    Re: Favorite Cyclone Basketball Players

    Love your list and reasoning for them, but I've never been as excited to watch anyone play as Jamaal Tinsley. He would be my number 1

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    Re: Favorite Cyclone Basketball Players

    Curtis Stinson, Georges Niang, Craig Brackins, Matt Thomas, Monte Morris.

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    Re: Favorite Cyclone Basketball Players

    Rahshon nearly made #5. What an amazing athlete.

    The obvious omission of Fizer and Tinsley is kindof hard to explain, but I never fully appreciated how good they were because, in retrospect, I was a spoilt fan. At that time, we'd been experiencing consistent and increasing success every year, and I thought players like Fizer and Tinsley were going to be the norm; I didn't think they were that special, because I thought players like them would be a dime-a-dozen in the future. Thus, I never really got too enamored with them or the teams from that era.

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    Re: Favorite Cyclone Basketball Players

    Rahshon Clark-Loved the guys energy and ability to throw it down
    Tyrus McGee-Great energy guy and very good three point shooter
    Fred Hoiberg-Simply he's "The Mayor" What else is there to be said. Plus he has us back to respectability in basketball.
    Georges Niang-Like his passion for the game of basketball and love for Cyclone Nation.
    Jake Sullivan-Very underrated player. Perhaps the best three-point shooter in Iowa State history.

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