Here's a link to the transcript of Jadda Buckley's chat on the Des Moines Register website last night.

Also, some of her comments:
Q: Jadda will this year be considered unsuccessful if you do not win a state championship?

A: Our team has high expectations for ourselves, Last year was obviously disappointing but right now we're staying focus. I don't necessarily consider anything unsuccessful if you are able to learn from it. Prime example, last year at state!

Q: How will you feel when you take that Mason City uniform off for the last time?

A: No lie it'll be hard, however knowing I have an opportunity to further my game at ISU makes me excited to see what the future holds! Its been an absolute blessing to have played for the Mohawks!

Q: What does your team and yourself rely on to win games when the 3 point shot in not fallling on a given night?

A: We always fall back on our defense play which then turns our offense around!

Q: Why Iowa State for you? and who did you pick them over?

First off Bill Fennelly who is an absolute amazing coach. The overall atmosphere of ISU on campus and during games. The girls we're phenomenal when i wen't on my official. They say you get a feeling when you know its the right place, and that feeling i had from the very beginning! Its always been Iowa State for me!