View Poll Results: Should BBall players have to wait a year (+) to enter the draft?

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  • No, they should be able to jump straight to the NBA

    22 30.14%
  • Yes, 1 year minimum

    8 10.96%
  • Yes, 2 years minimum

    21 28.77%
  • Yes, 3 years minimum

    20 27.40%
  • Yes, 4 years minimum

    2 2.74%
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    Re: Should BBall players have to wait a year to enter the NBA draft?

    Quote Originally Posted by tre View Post
    Steve Nash went to college...graduated from Santa Clara University. LeBron was absolutely ready for the NBA right out of junior high. I'd say he was one of the few where it actually made sense for him to go straight to the league.

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    Re: Should BBall players have to wait a year to enter the NBA draft?

    It's best for the NBA and best for college basketball if there's some sort of system where they play a year of college basketball or other pro league before signing NBA contracts, but legally I think an 18 year old has a case if a team wants to pay him to play basketball and he can't because of an arbitrary law. You're an adult, you want to play, someone wants to pay you well to do it, but there's this rule that says you can't because you're only 18.

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    Re: Should BBall players have to wait a year to enter the NBA draft?

    I think 1 to 2 years min. is great for a player for a couple reasons. First they are able to develop their game better in college and I think the recent drafts have proven that the year or 2 of college prepared them for the NBA better than sitting on the bench. The other is more on a maturity level. An 18 year old kid if out of place against guys mostly in their mid 20's and 30's who have matured mentality as well as physically and what NBA veteran with a family really wants to hang around with an 18 year old kid right out of HS? I think the life lessons you learns your first year in college is something you could never teach in the NBA. In the NBA they have millions invested in you and all they care about is if you are performing on the court or not and all the extra attention you get to develop you in college both on and off the court is something NBA teams don't want to invest their time in.

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