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    The effects of having Bubu back

    Here are the reasons why having Bubu back is great news:

    1. He can give us depth at PG this season. I know he hasn't practiced with the team since August. I'm sure that the coaches have been giving him individual workouts to do, so that if he is reinstated that he isn't completely out of shape. He will more than likely start practicing tomorrow. I think after a month or so of getting back in shape and learning the new plays, that he will work his way back into the rotation. I see him being back in the rotation around mid February with 8 Big 12 games left to play.

    2. We can have a true experienced PG in the game when Lucious is on the bench. Right now Clyburn is playing right around 8 mpg at PG. Naz plays against good competition maybe once every 5 games for 2 minutes at a time. I would much rather have Bubu a third year player bringing the ball up the court over Clyburn(who has never played PG in his life), and Naz(a very inexperienced PG who hasn't shown he can play against high level competition).

    With Bubu in the lineup here is what I think the minutes distribution will look like:

    PG: Lucious-30 mpg, Bubu-10 mpg

    SG: McGee-25 mpg, Babb-15 mpg

    SF: Clyburn-25 mpg, Babb-15 mpg

    PF: Ejim-25 mpg, Niang-10 mpg, Clyburn-5 mpg

    C: Niang-15 mpg, Percy-15 mpg, Booker-10 mpg

    3. HAVING BUBU BACK WILL HELP US NEXT SEASON, ESPECIALLY UNTIL DECEMBER 22nd. This is the biggest reason of why we needed Bubu back IMO. Maurice Jones will not be able to play until the first game of the Diamond Head Classic on December 22nd. I personally would rather have Bubu(a 5th year senior) playing the majority of minutes before December 22nd over Naz(a sophomore with very little experience against good competition), and Monte Morris(a true freshman with no experience at the most difficult position on the court to learn). I know a lot of you say "Monte is better than Bubu because he is a top 100 recruit." He might be. He also might play some big minutes for us next year. But I personally would rather have an experienced RS Sr (playing games against Iowa, Michigan, @ BYU, UNI at Wells Fargo Arena, and possibly an SEC team in the Big 12/SEC challenge) over a true freshman. That's just me though.

    4. How Bubu being back effects/could have effected the scholarship situation:

    a.) We would have had another open scholarship for the class of 2013. With this scholarship we could signed on a player that came here for grad school and could have played immediately for the 2013-14 season.

    b.) We could have signed a late signing period high school/juco player for the class of 2013. Most players signed in the late period usually aren't great and are signed based off of potential. Very rarely do you sign a stud in the late period. More than likely we would have signed a PF/C since this player would have filled one of our class of 2014 scholarships as well.

    c.) We could have signed a transfer who would have sat out the 2013-2014 season and been able to play for the 2014-15 season, which would have also filled one of our class of 2014 scholarships. More than likely we would have signed a PF or C since for the 2014-15 season we will only have Percy, Niang, and Edozie at the PF/C positions.

    5. Will Bubu red shirt this season and try to get a waiver for a 6th year of eligibility? IMO I highly doubt it. First of all if he did this he would be playing the 2014-15 season. That would leave us with 5 PG's(Jones, Bubu, Naz, Morris, Custer) for the 2014-15 season, and would take away a class of 2014 scholarship. Bubu is supposed to be done playing after the 2013-14 season. Clay Custer is supposed to start playing the 2014-15 season. So in other words Custer is Bubu's replacement.

    Here are the Rosters and Depth Charts(IMO) for this year and the next couple years after that:

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