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Thread: FFL Offer

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    FFL Offer

    Okay all, I had the foresight to draft Brady in the second round. I always take a RB in the first. With that said, I am two games up in our work league and by next week I should pull away with a three game lead.

    I want to put Brady out for trade for next year (keeper league). My expectations are a 1st or 2nd draft pick along with a mid round pick AND a top 5 RB. The person that would 'get' Brady would have him in 08 AND 09.

    Did I set the bar too high? Any other ideas for maximizing Brady for next years FFL?

    - keep.

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    Re: FFL Offer

    This is why I haven't played in a keeper league because I have a hard time comprehending value beyond the current season. I think you should at least be able to get a top 5 back for him but as far as the picks go it depends on what kind of players you can get in a keeper league draft. QB's are easier to replace so I think someone with a top 5 RB is going to be reluctant to pull the trigger if you ask for too much more on top of that in return because replacing that top 5 RB is going to be a tough task. Right now Brady would definately be at the peak of his trade value though.

    After the top 5 in RBs it really tails off in point production where after the top 5 in QB the next 10 guys are all pretty much within a few points of each other. Heck, even after Brady 2-5 this year are all pretty close in points too.

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    Re: FFL Offer

    Anyone who would take that trade would be as foolish as Minnesota's trade for Herschel Walker. Unless your point system is based favoring QB's, there is no way he is worth that much.

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