We're looking for create an online program where citizens can enter/register special sites (organic farms, bee yards, orchards, etc.) and then those sites automatically populate a Google map, (or something similar) so pesticide applicators can quickly/easily find sensitive areas/download the info to help them abide by the requirements of the pesticide label when applying in the proximity of the sites.

There are a couple national companies offering this program, but the discussions have not been overwhelmingly positive, making us wonder if either would end up being a good, long-term contractor.

We realize the initial set up would be time consuming, but we'd also want a long-term relationship for trouble shooting and tweaking as needed.

I'm perpetually amazed at what I can find using CF, so here goes another random request. Maybe there's a programer lurking on the board that turns out to be the perfect fit. PM and we can talk more details.

The irony is that I'm posting this for my job - but my employer has blocked CF at work. Soooo, if I don't respond during the day, I'll get back to you after normal business hours.