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    Saved By the Bell Mafia Sign-Up

    Fanatics. Are you reeaaaddddddyyyyy?! It's time.

    Time to put your money where your mouth is. Time to have a little fun. Time to play a little Saved By the Bell mafia style.

    This mafia will be SEC-style mafia. Fitzy and his crew are Big 12 style, creative offense with ****** defense. The old fart vets think they're always right and highly respected, so they are Big 10 style. Lets try and make this a strong mix of both and make this a very exciting, fun game. Not LSU-Alabama, but maybe Alabama-Georgia with 2 minutes left in the SEC championship game.

    Players will be chosen using

    You will want to read this part carefully. It's the one surprise that will come from this game, though it's not really a surprise. The 6th poster to PM me saying "head mafia" will become head of mafia. You can PM me multiple times, but if you are the 1st and 2nd PM I receive, it will only count as the first PM. Say you are the 1st, 3rd, and 6th PM I receive, it will count. I will not inform anyone if they are head of mafia or not until roles are sent out.

    January 14th is the start date. Starting a little early to make sure I can get everyone who wants in, in.

    Prefer a sign-up of exactly 30, but am willing to go up to 40.

    Close thread Saturday, January 12th, sometime at night. may begin.

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