We have a much weaker schedule this year vs last year. I think a vast majority of our guys should/could qualify for Nationals. I believe they are in the top 33 in the country. Now they have to go prove it.

The remaining schedule has Rutgers on Friday, should be a good dual that we are capable of winning, then Sunday we have Drexel and Penn.
Then the following week is West Virginia
The guys then finally get to come back home and we get to see alot of them in some very tough duals. ASU on Friday Feb 1, Okla State on Feb 3, then UNI on FEb 8th.
We then round out dual season with Michigan State and Eastern Michigan, which are both away.

As far as the individual weights -
125 - Fihch does not have a top 20 wrester left in the dual season, according to Intermat today. He is ranked #20.
133 - Meeks has #5 Morrison of Okla State and #12 Wolfensberger of UNI. He is unranked, but needs some wins before his home matches against the above 2.
141 - Goettl has #12 from Penn this weekend and #14 from West Vir and #15 Lazor of UNI. I think Luke is capable of beating any and all of these guys. Luke is ranked #20.
149 - Very favorable schedule for our senior, Max Mayfield. The only ranked guy he has is #1 Oliver. Max proved he is good, scaring Lester of Oklahoma.
157 - Molina has a chance to get a quality win on Friday against #17 Winston of Rutgers and he has shown he is capable of doing it. He also has #9 Dieringer of Ok State and #19 Cheza of Mich State. This is a stretch where Logan has a very good shot to earn his Auto bid to Nationals. I think he can.
165 - Michael Moreno has had alot of battles recently with top ranked guys and got a quality win over Polz of Illinois. The only ranked wrestler he has left is #3 Caldwell of Ok State. Time for Michael to dominate some guys. What a difference a year makes and be up a weight.
174 - Whoever goes here gets a tough match on Friday and might be able to secure the spot with a win over #13 Zannetti of Rutgers. They also have #12 Stauffer of Ariz State and #1 Perry of Ok State
184 - Probably the toughest schedule to finish the year, but winnable matches. #6 Loder of UNI, #12 Chionuma of Ok State, #13 Rinaldi of Rutgers, and #20 Radford of Ariz State. Beard needs a quality win somewhere.
197 - Kyven is capable of beating anyone and has 2 tough opponents in #5 Rosholt of Ok State (Been injuried recently) and #8 Merideth of Ar State. Kyven is ranked #11.
Hwt - Gibson has #3 Z of Ok State, #4McClure of Michigan State, and #17 Cooper of Ariz State. Matt is ranked #20