The Cyclones (2-0) in the Big 12 travel to Baylor on Wednesday...

--- Fennelly on the Big 12: "Baylor is beating up on people and the rest of us are just trying to survive."

--- How to beat Baylor? Who knows? Have a plan. Make shots. "If you're competitive at all, you want to play against the best." ---- Wednesday night is his team's chance. "Whatever you do against them, you can do against everybody else."

--- Key to beating Baylor is hanging around, hanging around and hanging around. When Baylor tries to deliver the knockout punch, "DUCK."

--- Fennelly: "Brittney Griner is arguably the greatest women's basketball player of all-time." Says there is a lot more to Griner's game than the dunking that you see in highlights. Calls her the most unique player he's ever coached against for sure.

--- Coach is hopeful that his team will be ranked later on today. Says it's good for Iowa State as a whole for name to be on the list.

--- Says Baylor's second team might be a top 10 team in America right now.