Interesting and crazy times in football. Chip Kelly appears headed to the NFL, taking his up tempo game to Cleveland of all places! In DC, the Shanahans installed the zone read on the fly this year and ended with the top ranked rushing offense in the League. Belichick installs major wrinkles in the middle of the season and keeps everyone off balance. John Fox completely overhauled his offense for Tebow last year and shifted right back to something else this year. Texas A&M has come out of nowhere to be a scoring juggernaut and propelled a 3 star RS Freshman to the Heisman. The cycle times in offensive development seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Interested in the thoughts of Xs and Os experts on all of this. Are the days of taking multiple years of installing and perfecting “a scheme” over? It looks like offensive IQ is at a premium in the game these days. What , if anything, can ISU coaches learn from all of this?