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I think Will Clyburn kind of sucks. He just disappears. He had like 3 good games this year, but he's so one dimensional, put a little pressure on him and he has no game. McGee is a way better player, I don't care what anyone says. Clyburn was overrated coming here, and playing in a weak Mountain West conference made him seem like some unstoppable scorer but he isn't. Ill bet anyone he averages less then 10 ppg in the big 12. Start McGee, at least he looks like he cares. Clyburn looks like he could care less
Good one, needed a laugh after the bowl game performance. The Mountain West is not that bad of a conference and when he was at Utah he was the ONLY thing other teams had to worry about and he still averaged 20+ per game. As far as disappearing, I think that he disappears because our team has so many options of which direction to go for scoring. At times I wish they would focus more on running the offense around Clyburn and getting him more looks and touches.