We've got some time to kill before the next game, so here's a mental exercise to keep you busy:

Will Clyburn is a good basketball player as evidenced by the fact he is our leading scorer. However, those who have watched him through these first 12 games have seen somebody who "checks out" of certain games. He is not a good dribbler and he is only a so-so three point shooter. On the bright side, he is a 6'7" guard and is a pretty dependable rebounder.

With all that in mind, why is he a guard? He seems much more like a forward. In fact, he is one inch taller than one of our starting forwards, Melvin Ejim, who I think everyone agrees is a forward.

This is why it matters: Tyrus McGee needs more playing time. He is the best three-point shooter in the Big XII. Unfortunately, our team is guard heavy, which is why he has to come off the bench. We need a point guard, which is why Lucious has to start, and we need Babb to start for his defense.

At the same time, our team is also light on forwards. Percy Gibson and Anthony Booker have shown flashes of brilliance but they are not as dependable as the other starters. Gibson takes too many hurried, contested shots and Booker fouls too much (although his stat line was good in the UMKC game).

My solution is to start this team:

Korie Lucious (G)
Chris Babb (G)
Tyrus McGee (G)
Melvin Ejim (F)
Georges Niang (F)

Have these guys come off the bench:
Will Clyburn (F)
Anthony Booker (F)
Percy Gibson (C)
Naz Long (G)

I'm actually sitting on the fence as to whether Clyburn should start over Niang but I think Niang should be given a few starts this year and Clyburn is the logical one to sit since we need two forwards and Ejim is too valuable.

The only downside to starting McGee over Clyburn is that McGee probably gets fewer rebounds than Clyburn (since he's five inches shorter) and will have a harder time defending tall guards, but McGee makes up for it in improved shooting and ball handling.