Holy crap. I didn't notice this until now, but has anyone seen a recruiting class like Kansas' next year which is made of of almost entirely Juco kids???? I'm not over-exaggerating either. Take a look for yourself:

College Football Recruiting Schools - ESPN
Yahoo Sports: Rivals.com 2013 Kansas Commitments

By my count, of their 23 total commits, I've got 16 of them being Juco transfers. Don't get me wrong, I've seen KSU (this coming year including) and even ISU to some extent go pretty heavy on the transfers in the past, but has anyone ever gone this crazy with them? That has to be a record or at least near one. That Charlie Weis dude seems either crazy or stupid to me with this. Regardless, it is obvious that he wants to win now over anything, even if it means sacrificing the future. Or, maybe it just means that they had next to zero high school kids wanting to come there until now, so with it late in the game, you take what you can get. As you can see, most committed just recently.

I'd like to know other people's thoughts on this too. I personally prefer our current method where we can nearly redshirt our entire freshman class each year. For a team like ISU, I think that is the answer to long term success.