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    At what point can the NCAA step in

    Really the WAC is at the point of adding completely worthless teams just to have teams. Can the NCAA jump in at some point and just make that conference FCS or is that out of their control? The WAC only gets 1 bowl a year (and rotates through 3 bowls I think) so it is basically like the FCS conferences where their champ gets a bid to the tourney only difference has to be amount of scholarships allowed and the amount of money that can be brought in in non conference games (I imagine this comes close to balancing out when you put extra girls scholarships in the mix for cost).

    With the SOS apparently having heightened meaning in two years won't they end up not being able to sell themselves for as much as before?

    I also cannot imagine they are making that much more off of a non conference game against MAC teams with the occasional Florida, Auburn and below average Pac-12 school mixed in.

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