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    Re: Great Season Cyclones!!

    Wow, way to crap on the OP's thread. The guy was looking for a positive thread on what you LIKED about the season. Instead over half the replies are negative that we didn't live up to THEIR expectations. How about this, next time someone starts a positive thread that asks for positive feedback and you don't have any. Stay the hell off! Just go on to the next post. Is it really that hard? I thought the season had some big high points. The defense did more than hold their own. I think they held every B12 team to under it's season average. Offensively, Sam R looked good and I think the most surprised guy was Rhoads. Just listening to his comments Sam showed more in the games than he did in practice.
    All in all, from a growth standpoint I think it was a great season. From a results standpoint, we played one team with a losing record I think, we held our own with limited players.

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    Re: Great Season Cyclones!!

    Kirby was great.
    Horn did a super job in punt return.
    SR is a breath of fresh air.
    Clayton and McDo played well.
    The secondary was fine until injuries caught up to us. Jeremy made a lot of tackles.
    Woody has some new moves.
    Shontrelle is running harder.
    James White could be a WR.
    The Tom Farniok snaps were very consistent.
    We finally were able to turn off the turnover machine.
    Brun looks very agile.
    Bundrage needs to get more passes.

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