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    Re: Big 10 vs. other conference expansions...there is a difference..

    Quote Originally Posted by cyclone83 View Post
    I would love for cable operators to draw the line and force the Big Ten network on to a sports tier. It would be great to see the B1G network suffer the same fate as the Longhorn Network. All this talk of Rutgers and Maryland bringing the NY and DC market to the B1G is like the MSFA getting Grand View to lock up the Des Moines metro market. Grand View probably gets more time on KCCI and WHO than Rutgers gets on NY stations.
    If Fox Sports truly owns YES, then they have the NYC market by the balls. All they have to do is tie YES availability to BTN being on basic tier (if cable providers stonewall BTN, Fox pulls the plug on YES and the millions of Yankee fans start voicing their opinions) and viola - BTN owns the NYC market and couldn't care less whether anyone is actually watching because they'll be getting NYC $$$ regardless.

    This is also why I truly believe that Virginia is a Big 10 target if they plan on going to 16 - between Penn St, Maryland, and Virginia the Washington area cable providers begin losing the battle of "nobody cares" because then enough people do start caring. Plus I would think think the Big 10 would love to have the Richmond and Norfolk-Tidewater-Virginia Beach markets.

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    Re: Big 10 vs. other conference expansions...there is a difference..

    I think it's only a matter of time before university athletic departments lose their non-profit status. They have this status because they are supposed to be all about acting in their student's best interests. However, their guiding principle is profit (not their student's best interests), and we're talking billions in profits (not millions).

    Much of this is working against the best interests of the student-athletes. Instead of Nebraska's volleyball team traveling from Lincoln to Ames or Lawrence, they will be flying to the east coast to have a match with Maryland or Rutgers. The athletes will miss more classes, but the university will make millions more.

    It's also only a matter of time before the student-athletes start demanding a share of these obscene profits.

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