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    The Second Act!-Life after Texas

    ISUFan22 helped me locate a thread that I wanted to do a follow up on, so here you go!

    Quote Originally Posted by guitarchitect7 View Post
    I honestly question what game you guys watch, Really! And I'm getting tired of this crap of Dmac this and Dmac that. Yes, most of these players were recruited by another man and coaching staff that is no longer here, but that is the key, they are NO LONGER here. The wins, the losses, the drops, fumbles, play calls, blah blah blah, are all on the sholders of the CURRENT staff. Now, I was not expecting a successful season this year at all and still have confidence that in time it will come, but no one in there right mind could walk out of the stadium today and say "ok, well that was a good game. We lost, but it was still good." There was not one good thing that came out of that game and Jeremy touched on it all correctly. Some of the play calls were pathetic, the performance of certain players was worse. When you look at teams such as USF, Kentucky, Missouri, Rutgers, etc. who have under talented players yet still manage to stay within games even if they are losing.

    Today, ISU was never in the game, and during the 2nd quarter, I think they all went home. Not only did Blythe missed a few today, but his performance has been lacking. I do think there is talent, but his effort of showing it falls all on him. He made his name for jump balls, but not for going long or blocking, so Jeremy is again correct on that. Meyer definately improved from Freshman to Sophomore year, but stopped there. Since then it has been the same player the whole time. Today I come home and caught the very end of the LSU vs Kentucky game. I have never seen Kentucky play in my life, but their QB had confidence. His motion was slow, but his composure was not and he came through just as every QB should.

    The part that worries me most is this. You look at those other underdog teams and they are still in the game. You take a team like Stanford with a first year head coach and not only did they manage to stay in the game, but pulled out a huge upset. Then you look at ISU. First year coach, new system, new plays, with essentially all new players considering the circumstances, and we have never been in any game expect Iowa. Hmm.... A lot of this is because of talent of the team, a lot of this is because of the constant turnovers, but today.... today was not all because of that. Today was beyond that! I will say that I'm a little worried if this is all the current staff can do with these kids. Its not always about the talent, or the penalities, its about how you go about using it. Lately I have been far from impressed!
    Quote Originally Posted by ISUFan22 View Post
    Just had to bump this...amusing to read just how far the team and the fans have come in a few weeks since this debacle.

    I'm glad you brought this up again because I was trying to find it and couldn't remember which one it was. Anyway, I want to take my previous statement and reflect some of what was said in it.

    I don't know whats the case of the crazy turn around, but by far this is a different team than what we saw during the Texas game, and even during the Iowa game. Offensive execution has been far better than ever before. Being a new system, time sure does play a part in things, but just the attitude is amazing. Defensively, things have improved as well. Defense has been our strong part most of the season, but turnovers have seemed to increase, and the depth seems to be taking shape.

    I think the Oklahoma game was a prime example of what I was expecting a lot of this season. We didn't come out of that game with a win, but the effort, heart, and execution on most things was impressive. Obviously not everything was solid, hence not winning the game, but if you believe in moral victories, that is as close to one as you can get. And the plus side was it wasn't just a one week thing. All that just translated into more of the same production with a better outcome in the past two games.

    The thing I like to see is even the coaches can make good things happen out of the talent level we got. Now everyone can move past the excuses of DMACS kids, and start realizing that it doesn't matter who recruited who, all that matters is how their coached and how that gets implemented on the field. The play calling has still been somewhat predictable, but there has been far more trickary than I've ever seen from this team. Chizik has firmly stated that he will not leave good talent on the sidelines just to save them a year. If you can play, you will play.

    Meyer has still been far from impressive. Two years ago I was sold on this kid, but my fate has slowly declined. Its not a insult on him in any way, but when you see Arnaud come in and seem to have more zip on the ball, better location, and to be honest more confidence, you just seem to put your trust into another guy. I dont think a game has gone by that Meyer hasn't thrown an interception, but I know he hasn't thrown six in one game either! Its been a great run for Meyer, and he will be forever remembered in all our minds, but the administration has made the decision to move on with new coaches; I think most fans have as well with the QB position.

    Blythe, hmmm...well he's good! Is he great, well thats hard to say. Last game is a game that I think we have all been waiting for for over two years. His completions were not jump balls, they were just great execution of the right play at the right time. He made a great catch on a low thrown Meyer ball that ended with a touchdown, and also shook off a defender to take another in for a score. That to me is the work ethic and desire that I would like to have seen from him more than just on Senior Day. Whats more promising is the core of recievers that we still have to work with. Hamilton has stepped up to be a great addition to the group, and Bates will be too (no, he will not win QB). Haven't seen Wallace Franklin, but if this guy gets some meat on him, he could be in for a good year.

    In the grand scheme of things, I was far from impressed by what the team was accomplishing at the beggining of the season. This team, as who they are right now, could beat UNI, Toledo, and Kent State. You add those three wins on top of the three we already have and you got a first year coach heading to a bowl game with the same group of players that only won four games last year with a coach and system that has been in place for twelve years. That's exciting to think about, and just sad within the context. Unfortunately you can't turn back time, but you can make a statement in the future and that's just what the team did. Players of the likes of Bowen, Meyer, Blythe, Rubin, etc. wont be able to stick around one more year to make the most out of what they learned and accomplished this year, but guys with just as much upside will be, and that my friend is what legacies are made of.

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