Last night i had to play OU in JTS and based off that game, i feel like we will win on sat.

It was a shoot out that went into 2OT with lots of turnovers. 4th qtr we were down 42-28 and the defense stepped up when it had to and got some stops in order to let the offense score 2 TDs to get it to OT.

First OT the clones start off on defense and OU gets it in after only 2 plays. They shedded my pass defense all day long and lots of missed tackles. Well now its our turn, first play is a 3 yard over the middle. 2nd down is a broken down pass play that results in a 19yd scramble to the 3yrd line which results is a first down and the go a head score.

2OT ... this is heart attack time.

Cyclones get the ball first. 1st play is a god 5yd draw play and things are looking good. 2nd play is a slant route against a zone defense and the ROLB steps right into the path and gets the INT. It was bad, and that was the 4th turnover on the day. At this point it's looking pretty bad as OU steps onto the field. 1st play, 5 yard run, 2nd play the DE gets in for a 3 yd sack. It's looking pretty bad at this point but the defense never broke. 3rd down they decide to pass it, i have no idea why, and my LB, who is basically AK47, is in man and steps into the passing lane and gets the INT and runs in ALL THE WAY IN!

i know it means nothing, but it was fun