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    Re: Big 12 Expansion

    Quote Originally Posted by MNCyGuy View Post
    Haven't they run studies that basically said the whole "TV markets" thing was a bunch of crap unless you are launching your own network like the Big Ten? Since we're not doing that the only way you'd add TV's would be through adding quality games with national interest (thus the interest in Clemson/FSU last summer). No one cares about Louisville this year, even though they're undefeated. Stay at 10.
    Even for the Big Ten, brands trump TV markets in a gigantic way. Nebraska vs. Missouri being the prime example.

    They could have added KC and STL to the major markets forcing BTN onto first tier but they added Omaha and Lincoln instead to gain national clout at the expense of forcing BTN into less tier one packages.

    Nebraska adds eyeballs to their nationally televised games. Missouri would have meant more BTN reach.

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    Re: Big 12 Expansion

    I for one love the current schedule, familiarity with a team would tilt in our favor against traditionally good teams. We may be able to win a few instead of the dominance that some teams have against us, Im looking at you OU. I am sure playing them every 3 years hurt us a little, especially when they were with Texas and TTech, now that was brutal.

    I disagree with adding TCU was a panic move, they are a quality football program, which is what the expansion as all about in the first place, plus its 2 wins for us in BBall, which I will take all day.

    No more texas schools however, so SMU and Rice are out IMO, definitely do not increase TV revenue. Louisville would be a good addition in both sports. Keeps it a little more regional.

    If K-State wins out, then I surely dont see them being left out. They have shown up in a big way. KSU would match up better with Alabama than potentially anyone else in the country. Their O-line could matchup with Bama. Plus if they would happen to win, Bill Snyder would almost surely ride off into the sunset wouldnt he, then KSU would return to whipping boy status because I cant see anyone else having the success he does there. Obviously I could be wrong.

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    Re: Big 12 Expansion

    Quote Originally Posted by weR138 View Post
    If we're not going to expand we have to change our name. Big 12 with 10 teams is ****ing stupid.
    change to what? Big 10? I think there's already one of those

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