IDC and Gartner have both reported that PC sales have shrunk by more than 8 percent when compared to this time last year. About 17 million iPads were sold this quarter, up 84 percent from this time last year, as compared to about 88 million PCs. What’s even more interesting is that iSupply is forecasting tablet sales will hit about 126.6 million units this year, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports.

Meanwhile, CRN reports Gartner says Lenovo has officially overtaken HP as the largest PC maker in the world, taking the title HP has held since 2006. IDC argues that HP still holds 15.9 percent of the worldwide market, and that Lenovo holds about 15.7 percent.

Either way, Lenovo is peaking serious interest with four convertibles PCs. These half-tablet, half-laptop PCs “allows users who need both to get both without having to carry around both and manage both devices,” said Peter Hortensius, Lenovo senior vice president and president of the PC makers Product Group, CRN reports. These convertibles, dubbed the ThinkPad Twist ($849), IdeaPad Yoga 13 ($1,099), IdeaPad Yoga 11 ($799), and the IdeaTab Lynx ($599) may become a market hit, as Hortensius says, they combine the functionality of the notebook with the convenience of a tablet.