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Thread: Oregon State?

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    Re: Oregon State?

    They keep winning....but it'll be interesting to see how far they go because they are without their qb Sean Mannion for awhile, but they do have a stud receiver in Markus Wheaton, which makes a qb's job infinitely better....

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    Re: Oregon State?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZJohnson View Post
    The only reason they are underdogs is because they lost their qb. Are they the 10th best team in the nation? Probably not, but who gives a ****. Why do people care so much about the rankings seven weeks into the season???
    The rankings do matter though. The earlier you are ranked, it doesnt matter if your schedule is easy and you barely pass through it, as long as you keep winning you will generally leapfrog those who lose and stay ahead of those who didn't get ranked as soon as you do.

    Its also how we'll probably end up with another SEC-SEC title game... so many SEC teams ranked high so early that one of them losing to the other doesnt drop them enough (as its viewed as a 'good loss') and the winner vaults in to take their spot as Florida did this week. (Meanwhile OU loses to kansas state and drops big, and still hasn't recovered because KSU wasn't ranked as highly to start)

    If it were up to me we wouldn't have any major polls until mid-october at the earliest, just to eliminate some of that effect from preseason rankings.

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