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    TCU X's and O's thread.

    TCU came out with a 6-man (4-2) box vs us, but had their FS very tight to the box, essentially creating a 7 man front. Inside LB's stacked on tackles to keep JB guessing on the zone read plays.
    TCU shifted their defensive front based on our RB's alignment, which made me happy to see us in a pistol look early to not allow them to do that.
    Smash route to Gary on first series was perfect. Safety is playing him straight up and has no chance to make a play on the ball. Takes a perfect throw by JB and it was a tone-setter.
    TCU brought 4 man pressure, but our RB (think it was white at the time) made a good pick up of the EMLOS allowing the pass to be thrown.
    2nd series when we went split backs it appeared there was some confusion from TCU's LB's as far as which RB to call the strength to..
    Had a screen call to Horn but the OL was too slow getting out, otherwise we were 1 guy away from busting it loose.
    TCU had a nice little wrinkle to their zone read where the RB that was faked to became the lead blocker. Got them some yards but they fumbled.
    ISU is fortunate to have athletic enough DE's that they can play both options of the zone read. DE's do a good job of not committing one way or the other. A lot of places have to play assignment football there because there is no way their DE's can play both options.
    TCU's answer to that was the speed option right at the DE. Nice little look for them.

    All I got for now. Time to get some work done.

    Exaggeration is a BILLION times worse than understating.

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    Re: TCU X's and O's thread.

    We were catching them in the run stopping alignment and that is why play action pass down the middle was wide open.

    Go Cyclones!!

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    Re: TCU X's and O's thread.

    TCU is notorious for playing 1/4-1/4-1/2 defense in their secondary. If you can figure out which side is the 4 side, which you normally can by playing with a TE, you can put your best WR on the TE side and usually get one on one matchups with playaction. I think this is what happend on Lenz's first TD.

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