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    Xerox color printers: solid ink vs. laserjet

    I've been researching printers for my home office. I was pretty much settled on the Xerox Phaser 6180DN laserjet (has duplexer, good reviews, and great rebates right now).

    Then, an opportunity came up to get a Phaser 8560DN solid ink printer at a very good price. So, I went off to read more reviews. In general, the consensus seems to be that the 8560 will give better print quality than the 6180 and will have less cost per page. However, there were complaints that the 8560 consumes/wastes a great deal of ink during its boot process, or when it comes out of Standby mode. I understand the standby mode can be disabled, and that the printer is kind of designed to be on 24/7. This concerns me, because the power at my house isn't the most stable. I get alot of short outages during the nasty thunderstorms that blow through here.

    If anybody has any experience with either of these printers (or similar Xerox models), I would be grateful for your input. I have to make a decision very soon on the 8560.

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    Re: Xerox color printers: solid ink vs. laserjet

    The 8560 is a great product! It has many advantages over laser including cost per print, maintennace cost, and print quality to name just a few. Don't wory about the issue of using ink when you turn it on. The fix is to just not turn it off! The ptinter has an intelligent power saver mode that will learn your work habits. Over a short period of time the printer will learn when you like to use it and when it should go into sleep mode.

    By the way depending on how much printing you are doing we may have a good program for your to consider using that will get you the 8560 for free, provide two years of on-site service for free and get you a 30% savings on your supplies. We have three versions of the 8560 to select from. If you are interested check out the site at Free Color Printers | Free Color Laser Printers | Free Xerox Phaser 8560 Printers.

    Best of luck,

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