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    Thoughts after rewatching the game on CYtv

    I rewatched the TCU game on Cyclone TV and here is what I take away from it:

    1. Kick coverage was very bad and ISU was lucky one did not get taken to the house. Seems strange that the coverage seems to be really good or really bad. One thing that I noticed on the long returns is that there was an ISU guy that came down the far sideline and over ran the return on every long return.

    2. Barnett played better than I thought, he just seem to run the offense much more quickly than Jantz. Had a couple really bad throws, but several pretty good ones. One thing I see in him is a guy that knows where he wants to throw and throws it. Does not seem to go through progressions like SJ did. This could be by design. It looks like the coaches are asking him to do a lot less with trying to develop a play, and more, here is you guy, if he isn't open,take off.

    3. The running game is still not very good. The OL is not dominating at all, and was getting pushed around a lot. There were some nice runs in there but RBs got stuffed several times. Really needs to improve a lot to have a chance against KSU. The average per carry is pretty good, but to beat a team like KSU you have to get first downs. Besides the SJ turnovers, this was the biggest problem with the TT game. Their defense was just not on the field long enough to wear them down.

    4. Jake Mc. is an animal out there. He is absolutely blowing guys up. He does seem to get a little worn down as the game goes on, but he has really brought it this year.

    5. TCU has a lot of really good players. Their defenders are very fast and physical. The QB had a rough day for TO but he also made some great plays with his feet and arm. The RB were tough runners with good speed. ISU gave up a lot of yards, but found a way to strip the ball, or force the FG.

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    Re: Thoughts after rewatching the game on CYtv

    One thing I noticed was that we ran our hurry up wayyyy more than the previous weeks.

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    Re: Thoughts after rewatching the game on CYtv

    I've watched my DVR replay twice now:

    1. Kickoff coverage WAS bad. Didn't matter whether Arceo kicked it into the endzone or not, ISU had trouble getting to the retuner. Now, he was super fast, but the coverage needs work. TCU would have had a lot more trouble scoring if it weren't for those big returns.

    2. I'm amazed at the plays Knott and Klein clean up. There were quite a few that looked like they were going for good yardage and one of those two stopped the offensive player in his tracks.

    3. McDonough IS a beast. He's constantly knocking his guy backwards. I'll say that Maggitt and Laing are playing better than I ever thought they could.

    4. I really like our DBs. They may get beat at times, but it usually takes a great play to do it. They really hit too.

    5. The TCU QB made some mistakes, but he also made some great plays. He's going to be good down the line.

    6. It's about time they got Lenz into the game. I have no idea why they weren't utilizing him more.

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