Anybody familiar with this? I'm trying to hook it up so that I can "work" on the road trip to Fort Worth tomorrow. I've used this a few times with Android, but don't think I have for iPhone. I'm having an issue tethering, as it appears I can't jailbreak it to use it as a wireless hotspot since they don't have iOS 6 working yet. When I hook up the USB and click on the PDAnet it gives me an error about libxml2.dll.

I found several places that say to fix it, just copy from common files/apple/... and put it in apple/mobile device... which I've done. I've rebooted. I've uninstalled all Apple products and PDAnet, rebooted, reinstalled. Same thing. I try to use the search function in Windows XP and can't find libxml2.dll, even though I have the 'Hide files' unchecked, and know for a fact it's in the two locations above.

Any ideas?