After listening to CPR's press conference this morning, I am very confident that we will play well and be right there in the end to win this game.

There was a point in his press conference (like half way through) where Paul got really upset. It was when all the reporters were asking about Jantz and where his status was going into this week. Paul interupted another reporter about to ask a question and said something along the lines of, "We play in a very tough league. Steele is doing a pretty good job, working to improve himself. Making a few bad plays in the process, along with other players and COACHES in this program."

The end of that statement, mentioning the coaches in the program, in my mind was a shot at Mess. Rhoads knows the play calling was **** in that game, and also knows that the play from his offensive players (QB, Oline, WR) was ****. Check out the press conference if you haven't seen it yet.

CPR said that there was an offensive staff meeting on Sunday that he was included in and I'm sure he chewed some *** in there and they talked about what needs to be done to get this ship back on course.

Mess will learn from his mistakes, hopefully, and won't carry them over to the other games we have left in this very YOUNG season.

Steele is going to get another shot in my mind this week, and hopefully he plays like he has the first 2 1/2 games. If he struggles early, I bet SR comes in. If you were at the game agaisnt W. Ill., we saw what Barnett did. NOTHING. He isn't and won't be the answer to turning around this offense if Steele continues to struggle. I'd like to think SR would step in there and play well.

Who knows.

Rhoads will have everyone prepared for Sat. and I'm excited to see a better ISU offensive team then I did this past week.

Stay positive!!!