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    Jeremy, what about a nostalgia forum?

    I don't know if this has been thought of, but a forum for pre-1980 or pre-1990 or something like that would be fun. Just combine all sports so there would only be one forum. It might encourage former players who are eavesdropping here to post some stories from the past. I know we have a few now and more would be better.
    I know Ray Harm's brother Dave has put stuff on here that is really interesting and more stuff like that would be great!! Ray was a football captain when Johnny Majors got things turned around and he's posted some things about how the attitudes changed around that time. I was even trying to think of a good way to advertise this site to former players since many might not even know about us.
    Who knows, maybe Gary Thompson is here and we don't even know it!! In fact, since he is right here in Ames we can ask him in person to write a monthly column or something. Maybe contact other former players and have them write stories for us.

    I'll stop there...nothing like someone else telling you how to run your own site, huh??

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